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Specialty Z - Specialty-Z is focused on providing you the best parts for your Z. We spend the majority of our time doing research on maximizing performance enhancements. While at the same time, making it convenient and fun for the end user to modify his or her Z-Car. We are committed to giving you the best advice and craftsmanship. Specialty-Z is Greg Dupree & Sebastian Chacoff "Seb".

Casting Massive End Tanks - Ever wonder how the end tanks are made for the MASSIVE SMIC's? Here is a video of Ash and Steve casting a tank. This is the easy part of the process...

Import Parts Pro - Welcome to Import Parts Pro, your #1 source for Nissan and Infiniti Performance Parts and Accessories. If you don't find the parts you are after please feel free to email or call us and we will try our best to source them for you.

NICO (Nissan Infinity Car Owners) - Nissan Forum | Infiniti Forum: The most reputable and active resource for Nissan and Infiniti enthusiasts. NICOclub offers accurate Nissan repair and troubleshooting information, a friendly and supportive forum environment, the latest Nissan and Infiniti news, discounts on Nissan parts and accessories, active Nissan classified ads, regional and national enthusiast events, and a true sense of community.

ASH-SPEC Facebook - Follow us and leave feedback on our Facebook! - The Boost Leak Tester is a must have tool for any z32 owner. With the strenuous amount of intake piping the z32's are prone to leaks. With this tool you can eliminate all of your vacuum and boost leaks giving you the best idle, best throttle response, solid boost, and best performance. When choosing the right tester for your application start with the type of intake you have. Single Pop or Dual Pop intake (refer to pictures below). You can chose between a tire valve adapter or a male air compressor coupler. You also have the choice of having a gauge built into the tester. The gauge isn't needed, but is quite useful for showing the manifold pressure and making it easy to see if your intake system is holding pressure. The gauge is also useful in making sure you do not exceed the maximum amount of pressure you apply while leak testing, which could damage your engine. The gauge is shatter-proof with a very easy to read display. To see how the tester works or what tools you'll need to operate the tester, please refer to the Guides section.

ASH-SPEC YouTube Channel - Several Z32's tuned by Ash along with some other random videos.

Auto Injected - Thrill of Performance. Love of Style. We are an authentic car, truck & bike culture community built and run by enthusiasts. We're more than a blog or a forum, we are a home for all your automotive interests. Guides Section - This is the link to the guides section of Any questions you have will be answered here or you can feel free to contact Chris at

Brett Dempsey Engineering - Since BDE went live in 2008, a multitude of unique products have been developed for the Z32. 1000+HP potential top-feed fuel rails are now an easy installation onto any VG30 equipped Z and three transmission adaptations are currently available. The soon to be released BDE motor mounts will revolutionize the age-old problem of failed stock motor mount vibration isolators while dramatically increasing clearance for larger turbo inlet piping, all while weighing less than stock and with no compromise in strength. Also in the works are rebuilt 1994+ VTC sprockets which address VTC noise and oil leaks while featuring timing adjustment bolts moved to the front of the sprocket for easy access. And finally for 2009 is an engine-block mounted electric water pump to free up lost parasitic HP and cool your VG down after shutting off the engine. All of these products are unique to BDE and available direct, select products are also available through BDE approved distributors.

2011 Z Nationals - This is the promotional video for Z1 Motorsports Z Nationals 2011. Z Nationals is always a great show which we look forward to attending every single year!

Petition Against AMS Canada - The Z32 market is a close-knit community of enthusiasts who enjoy modifying, showing, and tracking their cars. These Z enthusiasts enjoy getting together and discussing their cars and hobby with other enthusiasts. Many feel so passionately about this that they decide to invest their own time and money into developing new parts to fill voids in the aftermarket. Many spend countless hours and thousands of dollars of their own money to develop parts, and often have successful launches. However, this period is very short lived. Enter Absolute Motor Specialties (AMS Motorsports).