AshSPEC Intake Manifold GROUPBUY

As most of you are likely aware, this is a project that has been heavily pursued over the course of this year but has beginnings dating back some 10 years now. Two years ago I dug hard into the transient flow dynamics that take place in intake manifold operation and started with the initial mathematical modeling necessary to determine the ideal design parameters of a new intake manifold for our engines... one that would enhance the greater airflow characteristics associated not only with the use of larger turbochargers, but also with the use of ALL other modifications that improve volumetric efficiency of our engines.

CAD was used to design the physical construction of the new component and then further refined through the use of computational fluid dynamic studies. The shape of this part, while it is quite aesthetically pleasing, is actually a result of what shape best handles the flow of air into the cylinders... equally, and with the least resistance possible. This is a function over form component but as in so many cases of engineering, there is a kind of elegance and beauty that well-engineered parts intrinsically possess. And as a final foreword, the dyno tells all.. Even in just the 500RWHP regime the addition of just this one component is adding a solid 50RWHP in the top end as expected... and that number, without a doubt, further increasing as base output levels increase.

This will be a complete set of parts necessary for a complete installation. No grinding, cutting, drilling, etc, will be needed for installation. Ancillary items are:
New Intake Valve Covers (needed for clearance)
New Idle Air Control Valve (w/ harness connector)
Balance Tube (two options - BDE or WF fuel rails) OEM fuel rails can use either
Brass Fittings (for brake and clutch booster, FPR, BOV/Recircs, and two 1/8" to be used for boost reference signal)
Plenum gasket, (2) TB gaskets, (2) sets orings for balance tube.
SS Balance Tube Fasteners
Installation Manual

** Throttlebodies and throttlebar are not included with this kit. Any throttlebody designed for the Z32 will work without modification. Larger throttlebodies will require the front port to be opened to match the throttlebodies used. A die grinder and carbide burr will do this very quickly though.

The groupbuy will require a minimum of 25 members to make this possible. Given the interest in this product and the fact there has never been one made for our vehicles and the flood of PMs from people wanting to send funds, I expect that we will meet this rather quickly.

I want to make it known that the foundry who will be producing this is the same foundry that has been employed to produce our MASSIVE SMIC endtanks for the past 5 years now. They have always delivered top-notch castings on time, every time. In the tooling process to produce those parts we were told 30 days, they were done in 25. There is a lot of history and more importantly, faith in this foundry to make these parts for us. Tooling time to produce the CNC machined housings for mold production will take 35 days and they can produce up to 50 sets in the following 25 days. Once the order has been submitted to them they will begin the process. We are looking at 8 weeks to completion and another ~10 days to receive them, inspect them, and package for shipment.

Our initial quote back in March put us at a $1300 pricepoint. Some additional ports and company logo were added since then which did not affect that pricing. However, the polishing of the part was not accounted for in the initial quote. A bit of sticker shock came with that service of $150 per unit. In trying to keep the price under the $1400 mark, half of that will be absorbed by us for the groupbuy members for a price of $1375 in polished.
We also offer powdercoating so if you would like your unpolished plenum to be coated, we can do that in house for you for an additional $50.
Shipping fees will be added to this price.

To participate in this you can make your payment here. Shipping will not be added at this time but at the time of shipping we will send a paypal invoice for the shipping fees. Standard shipping rates will be used - no "Ah-ha" shipping fee surprises. Many of these will be shipping internationally and the shipping processor of our website does not handle intl shipping rates very well.

This has been a long time coming and it is difficult to express how excited I am to finally see this product come to life. If it were not for the great community we have of enthusiasts seeking the best of the best for their Z's, none of this would be possible. I thank all of you for your support!

For international orders, call (386)-872-5371 or email

AshSPEC Intake Manifold Groupbuy :

Fuel Rails Used - for balance tube fitment. :

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