Tuning Services

ASH-SPEC Performance & Tuning offers custom ECU tuning services for your Z32. The ZEMulator engine management system is used to finely tune your engine computer in order to maximize power output, reliability, drivability, and safety for your powerplant. The unparalleled performance of the ZEMulator and tuning abilities of Ash Powers have become well known in the enthusiast forum as new performance benchmarks are commonly set. Tuning services available include a complete, comprehensive analysis and pre-dyno inspection of all powerplant systems. This is to ensure that your Z is properly prepared for vehicle-specific tuning. Vehicle will be optimally tuned for two different configurations; pumpfuel/racefuel combinations are very common, but one can be substituted for any other configuration, such as water injection, nitrous oxide injection, or any other power adder your vehicle may have. Two EPROM chips will be programmed for your use.

Vehicle Specific Dyno-Tuning: $450

Comprehensive dyno tuning (2 configurations): $750

Additional power adder configurations: $150 each

If you live too far away or prefer to have your car tuned in your local area, we can come to you! Please contact ASH-SPEC Performance & Tuning for more details and information on this service.